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Melanin Match is a highly pigmented, fast drying lace tint spray that blends well and is undetected under normal light, while maximizing coverage so you can stay beautiful while wearing your lace. 

1. Matches your skin so you can have a natural appearance when wearing a lace front wig

2. Dries Fast reducing wait times

3.Sprays evenly and finely cover the lace and skin tone blending the hair color.

4. Leaves no residue, stains, or sticky residue 

5. Easy to use and carry just shake the lace tint spray well and hold it 1-3 inches away from your lace

Light shade is best for fair to medium brown skin tones with Neutral to Warm (Pink, yellow, golden) undertones.

Medium shade is best for light brown to moderate brown skin tones with Neutral (golden, olive, brown ) undertones.

Chocolate shade is best for Dark brown to Darker skin tones with Neutral (olive, brown) undertones.

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